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What do Real Vampires have?

It was an ordinary day at the library-returning a stack of five books (of which I read two), picking up a couple of books requested from other libraries, and browsing the shelves for other potential books to add to my too large to read stack.

Then I saw it. A book that I was shocked existed.

Real Vampires Have Curves.

I’ll readily admit that I’m not a huge fan of chick lit–those pink covers, cute thin cartoon successful career women who just need love, a strange propensity to discuss shoes. I will also readily admit that I have a weakness for urban fantasy in my TV shows and my books, as long as the unbearable sexiness of the vampire isn’t the main focus of the story. (It’s how I can justify loathing Twilight, but can binge on the Southern Vampire Mysteries).

But Real Vampires Have Curves?

Real Vampires Have Curves?

I guess it was inevitable that those two genres would merge. We’re imbuing Jane Austen with zombies and sea monsters. Little Women has become Little Vampire Women. Why not a chick lit novel featuring “plus-sized vampire Glory St. Claire has a new business venture and an old, on-off boyfriend?”

Welcome to the new kinds of Paranormal. Let’s see how this goes.

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